Teaching Packs for Schools

A fantastic new music programme for school teachers of Nursery, Reception, & Years 1-5

The content of each pack is based on a specially chosen piece of classical music. Explore the features of the pack below!

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Click here to gain familiarity with the pack layout and content structure. Find out how the packs correlate with National Curriculum goals. 

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The classical music for each pack has been specially selected, explored and tested; discover the music our packs are and will be based on!

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Read about the benefits to schools, teachers and students: e.g. teachers have no need for a musical background to teach from the pack!

Example of a Year 3 homework

Sneak a peek at some of the cross-curricular activities for each year group taken from the Voyage to the Moon pack! An academic approach to music.

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Take a look at the variety of assemblies, production scripts and original songs – performance opportunities that are available for all ages!


Our packs are an online resource database. Lesson plans, teaching tips, audio & video clips, exciting music, & many more tools for an easier teaching process.